2016: The Year of Geometric Shapes

We all know trends come full circle, history repeats itself – and so on. Which is exactly what has been happening in 2016 with the resurrection of the geometric or alternatively shaped tile. Moving on from the classically shaped square or rectangle tile there is a huge range of geometric shaped tiles and patterns now available to be used in any room of the house.

Geometric patterns and shapes give a unifying feel to a room, provide a beautiful backdrop for room decor and give a sense of familiarity and comfort to our minds that have been taught these shapes for so long. The modern technology now available to create tiles has made it easier for designers to exaggerate and manipulate the most familiar and simple shapes into interesting and stunning pieces of art.

A uniquely shaped tile or pattern as a floor, feature wall or accent can add another dimension to a room and can add interest to an area that might usually be overlooked. Adding interest to the niche in your shower, splashback in your kitchen or even the wall behind your bed in your bedroom can instantly add an unexpected and original look to your personal space. You can even create an interesting geometric pattern with regular shaped tiles – like using a long rectangle in a chevron or herringbone pattern.

Come and have a look in store at our range of geometric tiles!

Jess Gillilandtrend, geometric, tiles